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Common Snacks that Hurt Your Teeth

Posted on 12/10/2016 by Jolie
A woman chewing into a sugar cube.
Snacking is common, and some snack foods are really good for your teeth when you eat them. Other snacks, however, are dangerous and can hurt your teeth when you eat them.

If you are often snacking, make sure you are opting for good, healthy snacks over the ones that can cause damage to your mouth. Here are some of the snack foods you should be avoiding for a healthy smile.

Snacks to Avoid for a Healthy Mouth

Gummy and tacky snacks should be avoided. Not only can they pull on your teeth and make it harder for you to keep your fillings, but they are also sticky. This means they stick to your teeth even after you have chewed up the main parts and swallowed them. There remain bits and pieces in the grooves and cracks of your teeth that put sugar right on the tooth and can begin to decay the tooth directly.

Hard candies should also be avoided as any type of a snack. They not only can splinter into much smaller, sharp projectiles that can hurt your mouth, they also sit right up against your teeth or your gums. This means they are going to be promoting tooth decay and even acid erosion as the sugars break down into acids right up against your oral tissues.

You need to avoid anything that leaves behind a film in your mouth, too, as that can help increase the chances that your teeth are going to suffer from the effects of decay. This can include the starches in breads and the film from hard boiled eggs.

For more snack foods that you should avoid, or to get a list of good foods that you can include in your daily snack repertoire, contact our office. They know what is going to be best for your mouth!

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