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How to Keep Your Lips from Drying and Cracking

Posted on 3/10/2019 by Jolie
How to Keep Your Lips from Drying and CrackingWhen it's dry outside, your lips may dry out and start to crack or feel chapped. This condition can be more than just annoying—it can actually be painful and cause your lips to bleed.

While more people experience this issue during the colder months, it can occur at any time and at any location. No matter what's causing your lips to dry out and crack, you want to deal with it as soon as you can. Here are a few tips for keeping your lips moist and healthy.

Licking Your Lips Is Actually Not Helpful

When your lips dry out, your first instinct is likely to lick them. In fact, you may do this unconsciously. However, licking your lips actually causes them to dry out more quickly. That's because the saliva you put on them will quickly evaporate, leaving your lips feeling even drier than they did before.

Use Lip Balms, But Avoid Flavors

Many lip balms can help keep your lips moist, but you may want to avoid the flavored ones. If you love the flavor, you're likely to lick your lips more often just so you can taste it. You may even lick off so much of the balm that you start to cause your lips to become dried out again. If you're using lip balm, go for one that has no flavor or taste to it.

If you know you're going to be outdoors most of the day, look for a lip balm that includes sunscreen. This will help avoid getting your lips burnt, which can happen. When that does occur, they're going to peel and feel even drier than before.

Keep Hydrated
Finally, you want to make sure you're drinking enough water to remain hydrated. If you don't, your lips and skin will start to feel dry. You might also want to use a humidifier during the dry winter months or if you live in an area that's fairly dry.

If you start to notice your lips bleeding and cracking more than usual, there could be something else behind it. It is possible for your lips to become infected. Contact us for an appointment so we can look for other issues.

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