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Can the Keto Diet Improve the Health of Your Teeth Since You Eat So Few Carbs?

Posted on 6/10/2019 by Jolie
Can the Keto Diet Improve the Health of Your Teeth Since You Eat So Few Carbs?The keto diet is made up of three basic principles: high fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrates. It is one of the most popular diets around today, and since it involves consuming fewer carbs, it can benefit your oral health.

Oral Health and the Keto Diet

When you switch out carbohydrates for proteins and healthy fats, your body and teeth go through many changes. This low-carb diet allows you to avoid processed sugars, which are some of the worst foods for the teeth. Oral bacteria thrive on sugars and can lead to gum disease and tooth decay, so reducing your sugar intake can dramatically reduce these troubles.

The keto diet can also help with your body's inflammation, including gum inflammation. A low-carb diet that is high in omega-3s has been found to lower the rates of inflammation and gum disease in dental patients. This means that the keto diet can actually improve your oral health.

Beware of Ketosis Breath

So, if your low-carb diet is supposed to be good for your oral health and the rest of your body, what is with that stinky breath? The answer is known as ketosis breath, and it has to do with the way your body breaks down fat. When you swap a carb-heavy diet for one high in protein and fat, the body goes into ketosis. This process involves burning fat for energy, and one of these ketones is called acetone. Acetone is released via the lungs and urine, and it is the reason that your body may develop a distinctive “ketosis” smell.

Be sure to thoroughly research any diet that interest you before you make the change. It is important to know how changing up your diet might affect your oral health. Call us today to discuss your diet and how it might affect your teeth.

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