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There Are Several Ways Tea Boost Your Oral Health

Posted on 7/10/2019 by Jolie
There Are Several Ways Tea Boost Your Oral HealthThere are many different beverages out there that can damage your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Sodas, coffee, and many teas contain a large amount of sugar, and that's not good for any part of your body.

While water is certainly the healthiest drink you can have, there are some other options that aren't too bad. In fact, studies have shown that drinking green tea can actually be beneficial to your mouth.

It Kills Bacteria
Green tea helps control the bacteria in your mouth. This helps reduce the number of cavities you may have and can protect your gums and tongue from infections. In one study, people who rinsed out their mouths with green tea had less bacteria and didn't have as much difficulty with bleeding gums.

Green Tea Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Green tea is known to be an anti-inflammatory. When it comes to your oral health, this means that it helps control gum disease and can prevent tooth loss. When your gums become infected, they recede from your teeth. This can cause your teeth to become loose, and they may even fall out on their own. Green tea will help prevent this.

Your Breath Will Smell Better

No one wants halitosis. Bad breath is embarrassing, and it can ruin your day. Drinking green tea can help reduce bad breath because it kills the bacteria that make your breath smell. Studies have shown that it's actually better at controlling bad breath than gum and mints.

If you do switch to green tea, make certain the type you're using doesn't contain any added caffeine or sugar. Some pre-packaged green tea does, so it's always best to brew your own. Also don't go overboard—you should not drink more than five cups of green tea a day.

Of course, green tea on its own won't guarantee you a healthy mouth. You still need to come see us every six months. Call today to schedule an appointment if you don't have one on the books.

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