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How the Teeth of Stressed People Are Often Different

Posted on 8/10/2019 by Jolie
How the Teeth of Stressed People Are Often DifferentAnxiety and stress are at an epidemic high in American society today. This causes everything from minor issues such as irritability to more major issues like panic attacks. Unfortunately, it can also take a massive toll on your dental health.

Grinding Your Teeth

Bruxism seriously damages your teeth – oftentimes without you even knowing it. Symptoms include pain in your temples, neck, and jaw, as well as morning headaches and a clicking sound when you open and close your mouth. Left untreated, this will cause damage to your teeth ranging from minor wear and tear to major cracks and breaks.

Acid Reflux

When you get stressed or anxious you may feel a pain in your stomach. This is because you're producing excess acid. As it creeps up your esophagus into your mouth, it becomes corrosive to your teeth and damages your enamel too when it.

Dry Mouth

Sometimes your salivary glands won't produce enough saliva so you'll end up with a dry mouth. Unfortunately, saliva plays a critical role in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It's also important for your chewing and digestion of food. When you have enough saliva your teeth and gums are kept moist and free from harmful bacteria and food particles.

If you have a dry mouth you could potentially develop a fungal infection in your mouth that's known as thrush. This is a very painful condition that causes your mouth to feel like it's burning. Additionally, if you're a denture wearer and suffer from a dry mouth, it may become painful, if not impossible, to wear your dentures.

If you're suffering from having too much stress in your life, don't overlook the likelihood that you have dental issues. Since you don't want your dental health to suffer, you should maintain routine appointments with our office. Call today to schedule your next cleaning and checkup.

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Dr. Myers is the best. I have been a patient of his for about 5 years and every time I come he makes me feel super relaxed and at ease. I have had everything from a simple cleaning to crowns and everything is virtually painless afterwards. I would recommend him to any person who is seeking a great dentist and staff.
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