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Children's Dentistry

As a parent, the health of your child is a top priority. In addition to helping them maintain a healthy mind and body, it is also important for them to maintain a healthy mouth. Just like you, your child should be brushing their teeth twice daily and flossing at least once a day. In addition to a good oral hygiene routine at home, your child also needs professional dental care. Myers Dental can help.

Kids Dental Care

Good oral care for children starts in infancy before the first teeth ever erupt. The first dental visit is recommended six months following the eruption of the first baby tooth, or by their first birthday. We can help you every step of the way to help your child develop good brushing and flossing habits as they grow. We can help your child to quit habits like thumb sucking and pacifier use, which, past the age of 3, can lead to significant alignment issues. We can also provide them with the cleanings and exams they need to help further maintain good oral health.

Dental Sealants

Children tend to be more prone to cavities than others. This is often because children have a harder time properly cleaning their teeth. Many children also try to rush through brushing and flossing or try to skip it altogether. One of the hardest areas to keep clean is the chewing surfaces of the molars. These surfaces have deep grooves and crevices that trap food particles and bacteria, and they can be very difficult to clean thoroughly.

Sealants are a common treatment for children. This treatment uses a synthetic material that is applied to the surfaces of the molars to effectively prevent any debris and bacteria from getting trapped. At the same time, sealants also make the molars easier for your child to keep clean. Combined with good oral hygiene practices, sealants can be an effective preventative measure against cavities.


If your child does develop a cavity, treatment is needed right away. The treatment helps to restore their oral health and prevent more serious complications, like infections, from developing. One of the most common treatments for cavities is fillings. This involves the use of composite resin to fill the cavity. Composite resin is a metal-free, mercury-free, tooth colored material. Not only does it restore the oral health of your child, but it also helps to restore the aesthetics of their smile.

Nitrous Oxide

The idea of going to the dentist can make many children nervous. If your child is feeling particularly anxious and finds it difficult to sit still, we can provide them with nitrous oxide. More commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is the mildest, safest form of sedation available. It is a gas that is inhaled through a small mask worn over the nose. As your child inhales the gas, they feel more relaxed. Sedation takes effect almost immediately. They are still completely conscious during their procedure. When their procedure is complete, the gas is shut off. The effects wear off quickly, and your child is back to their normal self.

Helping your child to develop good oral care habits at a young age will help them to more easily maintain their oral health their entire life. In addition to habits at home, professional care is an essential component of this care. For more information, and to schedule an appointment for your child, call Myers Dental at (512) 506-9889 today.

Patient Testimonials.

Our patients come back to us because we truly care about the care you receieve. Here are some of the things our amazing patients have to say about us:
The staff are super friendly and made me feel really comfortable. I had to get Implants for two "baby" teeth i still had left b/c i never grew permanent teeth in their place. I had to be sedated for the operation and expected to be out of commission for a couples days and in a lot of pain the following week. However, that evening I felt surprisingly good with minimal pain.
Lindsay B.
Dr. Myers is the best. I have been a patient of his for about 5 years and every time I come he makes me feel super relaxed and at ease. I have had everything from a simple cleaning to crowns and everything is virtually painless afterwards. I would recommend him to any person who is seeking a great dentist and staff.
Terri R.
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